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Note : This project is dead.  R.I.P. 2-1-2012
Updated : 10-24-2011, click here for a list of what's changed.

Gameplay consists of mouse-clicking to capture land, upgrade buildings, moving
buildings, and switching the behavior of units.  For a quick run down of the
see this here.  The stages that are present aren't tied together and don't
have victory/loss conditions yet.

Graphics are partially implemented.  The units have all been designed and drawn,
some animation is present.  Some of the gates have art as well.  Some landscape
and background art.

Sound is non-existant.

Presentation is bare bones.

Since the game is a no go, I've released the art assets and GM8.1 file for public
use.  Have at it if you wish.

To see what else I've worked on, click the lower right image on the page.