You were minding your own business when Carhtoothus, the mighty shark god, decides to use you for his
entertainment.  Eat, destroy, and be sharky in this action packed bloodfest!
OS - Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista 32bit, 7
Controls - Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad optional
CPU - 2.10 GHz
Memory - 1 GB RAM
Drives - 75 MB hard drive space
Video - DirectX 8.0 or higher graphics card with
256MB video memory
Sound - DirectX 8.0 or higher compatible sound card

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- Simple mouse controls, a joy to play.
- 4 difficulty levels, so even the lousiest players stand a chance.
- 2 different game modes, each with their own funnydark story and challenges.
- 32 stages of destruction!
- 74 enemies to beat the crap out of, that includes bosses.
- Scoring snowball effect : The more you score > the harder the enemies > the more you score.
- Crave system rewards the player with power-ups and bonus points for fulfilling mid-level tasks.
- Fill the Blood Frenzy meter and go nuts on everything!
- 71 achievements to complete!
- Online scores ensure that someone else's e-peen is larger than yours.
- All original art, sound, and music.

Attention Parents or Guardians - Game Contents
-Minor swear words, cartoon violence and gore
-Online scores may contain inappropriate text
The final judgement call is yours, try the demo before purchasing.
-Backyard Ninja
"The Great White Destroyer is a perfect distraction
for after work..."
-Gamers Daily News
"Great controls scheme help players get into the
game very quickly."
-Swift World
"It is a quirky, handcrafted bloody gem the likes
of which you probably haven’t seen in a number
of years."
-Geek Woman
"This game will, despite it’s few flaws, charm most
with its tidal wave of character, and balanced, not
to mention surprisingly strategic gameplay."
-Platform Nation
"...a well produced and utterly insane game..."
"It's been a while since I've come across a game
with such a twisted sense of humour..."
-PC Games and Reviews
1/3/'15 - It's greenlit! Check the Steam page for updates.
4/13/'13 - Would you like to see shark on Steam Greenlight?  Give it a vote!
3/6/'13 - Shark's art is free to use.
6/17/'12 - Shark is on
GamersGate's Void, watch an ad, play for free.