Shark Month : The First Shark
It was a young earth with vast
oceans, ruled by Gelrax, king shit
of the water bugs!  He and his
minions terrorized the young
boney fishes, slapping them
around, eating them at will.  
Gelrex, king of the water bugs!
One day the ocean roof split wide open as a smoldering hunk of space
rock sunk itself deep into Gelrax's dominion.  Just as Gelrax was about
to declare the rock a monument to his omnipotence, KRACKA-POWEE,
it split into several billion pieces to reveal a creature of enormous size
and appetite!
"Time to eat." said the beast, stretching his jaws in anticipation.  Gelrax
ordered his armies to destroy the beast.  They reluctantly obeyed.  The
great beast chuckled as he smashed and swallowed untold numbers of
the water bug.  The few left alive after the assault began to flee for their
clickin' lives!  "Still hungry..." mumbled the creature.  He then turned his
attention to the only thing still alive, Gelrax.  
Gelrax and the monster crashed into each other with a force worthy of
creation!  Gelrax tried desperately to keep a hold on the beast, but he
was too strong.  He began to recognize pain as many of his arms were
torn from his shelled body, black blood seeping into the surrounding
waters.  The beast was excited by this, and in a grand display of
strength, ripped Gelrax's head right the hell off!  The body thrashed
aimlessly as the victor's laugh echoed through the abyss.  With what
remaining life was left, Gelrax blurted "Who the hell do you think you
are?"  With a mouth full of bug, the beast replied "Dartoothus, now shut
the hell up, I'm trying to eat here!"
And that's how the insects lost dominion over the earth, not that silly
oxygen reduction thing!

What a great shark!  Stop back on Wednesday for more sharky
shenanigans.  Ok, close the window now, no more to see.
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