Shark Month : Dinner Toads
So I search my memory for the greatest video game shark I can think of.
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I've disqualified my own shark, so it's not him.  Still a badass though.
That Crysis shark was the best natural stage barrier ever, but not him.
It's those damn sharks in Battletoads!
They are burned into my mind.  They can be found in Stage 9, the
Terra Tubes(more like terror tubes), you know, in case you wanted to
go see them in person.  Imagine the biggest EFF U stage to ever
exist, where there's a death trap around every corner, now add
sharks.  They are fast and can kill you with 2 or 3 hits, I think their
movement pattern was "There's a toad, get'em!"  Did it just SWIM
quick and lucky, you might land a punch on them, but that would mean
getting close.  This is the most likely outcome.
As if electric eels, hammermouth fish, giant gears, spikes, and rubber
ducks weren't enough, here come da sharks!  
They kick you when your
down man!  Come back next Monday to see what kind of awesome is
hoisted from the deep.