Shark Month : Shark Science
This next shark is one of the greatest scientific minds to ever come from
the ocean.  Her name, Jill Gills
tail.  A graduate of Xorgledam
niversalty, with degrees in Cross-Dimensional Physics, Time Lancing,
and Culinary.
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Her main goal was to travel back in time to study her sharky ancestors,
how they survived, lived,
and loved.
So her and a team of small, nameless, expendable grunts began
constructing a time machine out of spare parts they scrounged up from
the ruins of Atlantis.  Everything went according to plan, and the day

ame when it was time to test the machine.  "This is the moment of truth
boys!"  Jill flipped the switch with enthusiastic gusto. brzzZZT SNAP

Jill and the grunts disappeared, along with the time machine.  Everyone
assumes they traveled back in time, or
de-atomized, who knows.  Her
Culinary Professor when asked about the incident was quoted as saying
"She often used the wrong amount of ingredients when creating a dish.  
Sure, it was edible, but just wasn't right.  Maybe that's what happened
with the time travel device.  I shoulda flunked her, but she was smokin'
hot, so A+
O.K.!"  Jill's other Professors declined to comment.
What's important to many common shark though is that ever since the
incident, strange freak storms and time warps sink boats and planes into
the ocean, and sometimes cause whales to have back pain, which
means a free meal from time to time.
And that's how the Bermuda Triangle got so effed up!  Truly an
awesome shark.

Come back Wednesday for more slammin' sharks from history.