Shark Month : Dinner and a Show
Some sharks watch TV.  Didn't you know?  The Deadliest Catch is cited
as a favorite, the sharks watch rooting for the elements or human error
to win someone a meal.  One shark wasn't going to just sit back and
watch though, he was going to get on the show.  "I'll be famous, and full.
 Every shark will know the name Tricky Sawtooth!"
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So Tricky trolled around insulting the local crabs with yo momma jabs,
coaxing them into an angry hard pinch.  Crabs don't like to let go until
their victim sobs tears of agony.  Well, sharks don't cry.  So when Tricky
was covered in an angry crab mob, he went looking for a crab pot, he
knew just where to g
o thanks to TV.
"Yo momma is so fat, she could feed a family of four and their dog,
ooohhhhhhhhhhhh feel the burn!"
It was the Uncertain Princess' maiden crab catching journey.  All the
pots were set, it was time to collect.
Several hours into the collection, they hauled up a whopper, this pot
was filled to the brim with crab!
They dumped the pile into the sorting bin, everyone gathered round to
go to work.

Surprise Dooooshbaaaags!  Ka-chompa-chompa-heyyyyyoooo!
It was an awesome display of sharkery, but no one saw it because this
was a rip-off show called Lethal Crabberboatmans seen only on the
Sleuth channel at 2:30 AM.  What the hell, this isn't a murder mystery!?
A totally awesome shark in history!  Check back next Monday for more
amazing sharkitude, because Discovery gave up on them last weekend!