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You were minding your own business when Carhtoothus, the mighty shark god, decides
to use you for his entertainment.  Eat, destroy, and be sharky in this action packed
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Get the snowball to the goal!  Sounds simple enough, but it rarely ever is.  Maneuver
around hazards and strange creatures!  Eighteen stages with three environment
altering difficulty levels each!  Opportunity melts, but heroic speeds stand the test of

Attention Parents or Guardians - Game Contents

Content present in this game --> [snowballs getting crushed, drowned, rolled off cliffs, eaten, split in two, and
melted in a cartoony manner]

I think it's child safe but the final judgement call is yours, try the demo before purchasing.
-Backyard Ninja

Demo - FREE, <download here>
Full Game - FREE, <download here>

System Requirements
OS - Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista
Controls - Mouse, Keyboard
CPU - 2.08 GHz
Memory - 512 MB RAM
Drives - 15MB hard drive space
Video - DirectX 8.0 or higher graphics card with 16MB video memory
Sound - DirectX 8.0 or higher compatible sound card

Note: I don't have access to a lot of differing computers to test on, If you can play this game on lower specs at
what you deem to be decent speeds, drop me a line at
Use "Game X system requirements." as the subject line.  Thanks.
Craggle thinks the navbar has a sass mouth.
Here lies the games that never got totally off the ground.  They're all done in Gamemaker(.gm81), so
if you want to pick through the script and art for whatever reason, feel free to use them.  If you have
any questions, shoot me a mail with a detailed subject line.
You Got The Shaft
Snowball's Chance E2
The Next Game
Unnamed Shooter
Don't run this one, it was
done way back in GM6,
and something causes
it to freeze on the
modern build.
Red Ice is a fast paced 2v2 hockey game.  Use your wits and your hockey stick to crush your
Music by Aaron Cherof (, Gameplay by Daniel X Moore (, Art by me(Brent
Poquarium is a real-time aquarium simulator developed by ExhiByte for the Android devices.  I
worked on the fish, plants, tank decor, and menu graphics, all pixel work.
A 2D Side scrolling Artillery RTS. This is a work in progress, there is a Windows build available
to try out for those interested.
More info on the official page.